Somebody asked where the images came from. The answer, for better or worse, is that they were just something I wanted to do. All of the artwork from the Collapse novel is original, most of it specifically created for the book and the Ferine series.

The Ferine Icon.

johnfleonard_gallery_icon  Icon Painting Version used in Collapse, Novel - John Leonard, horror writer

This is from a series of paintings, some of which I never sold. Some things are too hard to part with.

The Cover.


Someone near and dear to me, distorted to suit my own ends. I should be ashamed.

The truth is, beauty and ugliness share a thin dividing line. It’s sometimes much easier to turn something beautiful into something ugly.


Rings and Screwdrivers.

johnfleonard_gallery_ringsGallery - John F Leonard - Ring 2

Inanimate objects that become all too animated …in our hearts and hands.

The Cat.

johnfleonard_gallery_cat Gallery - John F Leonard Cat from Collapse version 2

The cat from Collapse. Poor old Spot – that’s a pseudonym by the way – it’s actually my neighbour’s moggy. I swear no cats have been hurt in the production of this book.

You Need Hands.

Gallery - John F Leonard Claw version 11 Collapse, Novel - John F Leonard claws

Dear God, I need to trim my nails. Isn’t it a bastard when your body betrays you.

The Landscape.

Gallery - John F Leonard Landscape version 6 Gallery - John F Leonard Landscape version 3

A local beauty spot as the sun begins to sink. There’s something awesome yet chilling about the view from a height.