Ferine Apocalypse


Definition: Vision or prophecy of violent or climactic events comparable to those foretold in the book of Revelation.


Definition: Bestial. Pertaining to, or resembling, a wild animal. Untamed. Savage.


Mankind has dropped down a rung on the food chain. If you were lucky enough to escape infection, you’ve just become a food source. And your world, the ordinary world, has changed beyond all recognition. It’s become a savage place. A place where every step may be your last and being eaten alive may not be the worst thing that can happen.

Collapse by John F Leonard Cover image

Collapse is the first novel of the Ferine Apocalypse.

The Ferine World has new rules …and those rules are in a state of flux.

It’s a harsh place, where days are dark, even when the sun shines, and funny isn’t all that funny anymore.

It remains to be seen if there’s room left for love.


4 Hours is the second book set in the Ferine World.

A standalone story with direct connections to Collapse. The two books are complimentary but not interdependent

John is currently working on several projects. Another book set in the post apocalyptic world of the Ferine Apocalypse is one of them.